Wolf! Wolf! … WOLF!

If I don’t blog early in my work day today, I won’t blog at all …
That being said, I know I had a few things jotted down to blog about, but for the life of me I cannot find that piece of paper amongst all of the mess on my desk … Oh, well …

This morning, first thing as I arrived at my office, I had the delightful job of informing a frantic politics student that they had missed their exam. They asked me if I could check an exam location for them, because it wasn’t where they thought it should be … I logged on and checked the official exam timetable … Union Hall, Union Building … 9:00am … 18/11/2004. Ummm, your exam was yesterday … Poor student. A genuine case of being disorganised or not knowing the date, as opposed to the many fake cases.

Yesterday, I had the friend of a student taking an history exam at my office telling me that her friend’s grandmother was on her death bed and probably going to die that day so her friend wasn’t going to be able to make it to her exam. That’s terrible … but make sure that your friend has the appropriate medical certificates with her when she applies for special consideration, because an awful lot of grandmothers ‘die’ at this time of year. (They then seem to rise from the dead, only to die again this time next semester.) Many lecturers inform their students at the beginning of the semester that, in the midst of studying and working and partying, they should make sure to take good care of their grandmothers/grandfathers/dogs/cats/etc as they often meet with ill-timed illnesses or accidents at the same time as major essays are to be written or exams are to be sat. The students may marvel at our cynicism, but it is a sad but true case that more often than not the excuses given to us are big fat whoppers. Sadly, it often becomes a case of the boy who cried wolf …

~ by pincushiondiary on November 19, 2004.

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