Come on ‘Delzao’!

Ahh… that would be a “no” to winning the cup sweep!

Not even sure where my horse came… [Update at 5:20pm: stupid horse couldn’t even lose properly – 23rd place, a.k.a. second last!]

Stood around with others in the media TV studio where we had watched the race waiting for the presentation ceremony to be over and the running order of the field to be flashed up on the screen. Got tired of waiting. Came back to my office only then to discover that the powers that be in TV-land flashed up the placings about 5 seconds after I had left the room. Will spend the rest of the afternoon wondering where my horse placed.

The best thing about cup day is feeling the light-headedness of a glass of champagne for the remainder of the afternoon … Now, what was it that I was supposed to be doing before I watched 20-something horses run around a bit of grass? Uummmm ….


~ by pincushiondiary on November 2, 2004.

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