grumble, moan, whinge …

I am becoming far more open about my moods on this here blog …
Today I am in a cranky-pants-woe-is-me-verge-of-tears-bloody-tired kind of mood. For no particular reason at all. Well, aside from not sleeping well last night and not feeling like I want to do any work today … There was a strong smell of gas (not the human kind) in this area of the campus earlier this morning, so I’m blaming that for my current state of mind …

I have jotted down a note reminding myself to blog about a couple of things, so without the usual enthusiasm, here goes …

I was driving to work this morning and I nearly shat my pants as a bird came very close to smacking into my windscreen! One always assumes that the birds on the road will fly out of the way in time, and when they don’t that you won’t see them go splat under your car… However, this morning I ducked (don’t ask why?) as I prepared for this birdie to accidentally end its life on my windscreen. It came close. Very close. I could see detail of its wings and feet … It managed to pull away from my car and avoid the collision. Phew. Wouldn’t really want to have had to clean that off my car, and would have been in even crankier mood than I currently am had it actually splatted onto my car … Yick.

I helped to run a trivia night on Saturday night. Was pleased with a strong turn-out and a fundraising profit of $1,700 … Yay for all involved! I was, however, rather disturbed by just how competitive some people can be … I’ve always been very quick to indentify myself as a competitive person. I blame it on an attitude fostered by my grade six teacher. I know competitive people on a personal level. Even though people had to pay a gold coin to plead their case with the judge, they were more than happy to do so on multiple occasions with strong body language and a know-it-all attitude (except you, Mel!). It kind of annoyed me. A lot. I took longer to get to sleep because I kept going over the questions that they had questioned … So, what is the highest court of appeal in Great Britain and Northern Ireland? The House of Lords or the Privy Council? If I ask you who the second Prime Minister of Australia was, is the answer actually Alfred Deakin? When I ask ‘How many Prime Ministers has Australia had since 1901?’, isn’t it clear that I don’t mean for you to count Menzies twice or little Johnnie Howard more than once? *sigh* The good far outweighed the bad though, and the overwhelming consensus was that it was an absolutely fantastic trivia night!


~ by pincushiondiary on October 25, 2004.

3 Responses to “grumble, moan, whinge …”

  1. I think your problem was that people only needed to pay a gold coin to essentially argue with you! If you are going to let them argue you need to make it worth your while. Perhaps $5 (or even $10)would have been a more reasonable amount!

    Sounds like it went really well! Congratulations!

  2. Moi?

    Or another Mel?

    I was a little pleased re the Fortunate Life / Term of His Natural Life issue. I out-know-it-alled her!

    I thought you guys maintained diplomacy to a remarkable entent. Thanks for a good night!

  3. I was pleased you ‘out-know-it-alled’ her too, as I knew I was right that A.B. Facey wrote “A Fortunate Life”, but I didn’t know the answer to what she was asking off the top of my head to rebut her … Next time you can be my assistant judge, hey!

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