Musings on the weekend

My head hurts from taking my ‘perseverant pincushion’ medicine last night. This is because I had been slack over the past couple of weeks and haven’t been taking it as I should have, which means a reintroduction and the accompanying side effects … hence the mild headache this morning. Just popped a couple of pills and am waiting for them to kick-in …

A recap on the weekend:

Friday – Had a grumpy day at work after a precious Professor threw around the weight of her title and implied that I wasn’t doing my job properly (never mind that the matter her hissy-fit concerned wasn’t even in the realm of my job description!) and then proceeded to say that the admin staff and the IT staff were all unprofessional and that ‘… this wouldn’t happen at ANU‘. Ah, well, nick off to ANU then!

Friday night – Starting doing a self-awareness-type course called ‘Search for Life’ through a friend of mine’s Church. I’ve been nicely plodding along on a journey of self-discovery over the past few years, figuring out who I am and why I think the way I do and why I react the way I do, and this is just a continuation of that process/journey.

Saturday – Continued the second session of the 10-part ‘Search for Life’ course, and then ate lunch with some of the other people who are also doing the course.

Saturday afternoon – Drove to McKinnon to visit one of my soul-mates. Had three real coffees in the space of three or four hours, and marvellous and enriching conversation. God, life, the universe … hair-dos, computers and work issues … all manner of topic of conversation was had, and I left not wanting to leave but to stay for a lot longer … My brain has been ticking away since about the nature of our human make-up and the fact that we are just inexplicably drawn to some people in life; whether it be to learn something from them, impart some wisdom of your own to them, a bit of both, or just enjoy getting drunk together! The thing that I have also pondered is the response in children sometimes to other people. For example, the little boy of this dear friend’s partner had, before this Saturday just gone, met me just the once. On that occasion he had warmed to me very quickly. This Saturday, he instantly wanted to show me his book and other attention-seeking things … the thing that struck me was not these actions, but rather the hug and kiss that I received. Is his affection towards me based on hearing his Dad talk of me with affection and connection, or is it a more complex human affinity that some people have? An unspoken or intrinsic comfortable and safe feeling towards each other? Or, as I have pondered before, do I just have a ‘nice lady’ vibe?

Saturday night – Cards and adult beverages with a couple of friends. Had lots to drink. Have been introduced to mead by soul-mate that I was just writing of, and consumed a whole bottle as a new fan of the beverage. M-mmm! Consequently, had lovely drunken rambling conversations all night, and an all-round lovely time! Connected on deeper level with someone who I had been told I would click with eventually … now we have. Might have something to do with both admitting to having kissed the same boy and that being the catalyst for more frank and personal conversation occuring that night. Not sure who won 500 in the end … got too drunk and tired to keep track of it. For the sake of naming a winner, let’s just say it was me …

Sunday – After a delightful sleep-in, I made my way around the corner to the Station Street Festival with one of my housemates. We had a wander through the stalls and kiddy-rides, found a few people we know amongst the crowds, bought $6 tickets to the ‘Last Laugh Comedy Club’, and wandered home with an ice-cream in hand. I then got into my bathers and jumped in the pool before I gave it too much rational thought. It was lovely and I stayed in for at least half an hour. Nice housemate even brought me out a beer to drink while I was there! Finished the day with a spot of grocery shopping (my task every three weeks).

Headache has eased off … time to do some work.


~ by pincushiondiary on October 19, 2004.

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