Always read the full title

One of the Professors here at LTU History Program is also Pro Vice Chancellor at the Mildura campus, which means that often he is not using his office. His office is in close proximity to those of me and the other admin person, and is rather nicely fitted out. The other admin person, Carol, is close friends with said Professor after years of working closely together in the department. So, when said Professor is away, we admin girls have the use of his office, and more importantly, the exclusive use of his kettle! The tea room is a bit of a longer trip down the corridor, you see …

I really enjoy being in academics’ offices, and find them a most interesting place. They say a lot of obvious things about academics: what they specialise in, what they enjoy, how tidy/messy they are, how well travelled they are, what their family connections are … I sometimes take a moment to look around and browse the shelves when it is appropriate. This morning, as I made my first coffee for the day, I noticed the title of a book on this certain Professor’s shelves. Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls. Excuse me? Ahh … Colonial Women in Van Diemen’s Land, 1803-1829!


~ by pincushiondiary on October 15, 2004.

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