I want to go home.

I have the beginnings of a headache and a bellyache, and I really don’t feel like doing anything productive today …

I have already been irritated by an academic who didn’t really mean to irritate me, but just did … by being particular and all that, and making me feel like I was taking too long to do a certain job that he asked me to do … which I was irritated about because he could have actually done it more quickly himself.

I know why I’m irritated.
It’s the obvious reason.
Only one day a month, and I’m not on as much of an emotion-roller-coaster as I have known others to be when it is (shhh) that time of the month … but still, I’m allowed to have my whinge.

Have lots of trivial tasks to do today, when really I just want to bury myself in a larger, more absorbing task which doesn’t require talking to people. Suggestion has been made for me to close my door when I need to do work uninterupted. Will consider that later today …


~ by pincushiondiary on October 14, 2004.

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