Vitamin C

My chiropractor always tells me to get more vitamin C. And I’m not to get it just from the chewable orange tablets either!

Enter kiwi fruit.

High in vitamin C and furry too! Plus, I’m more likely to eat them than I am to eat oranges (because basically I’m lazy when it comes to eating oranges … actually, I’m lazy with most fruit).

I’m becoming a bit sick of kiwi fruit though …

Why? Because I bought a heap of them, only then to discover that I am the only one in the house who likes them. But, da-da-da-DAAaaa, today I created a new (new for me) way to eat them:

Slice kiwi fruit in half.
Scoop out chunks of kiwi fruit with spoon.
Deposit chunks of kiwi fruit into tub of strawberry yoghurt.
Eat with spoon, careful not to spill on work clothes.



~ by pincushiondiary on October 8, 2004.

One Response to “Vitamin C”

  1. I’m with you on the fruit: oranges just take too much effort to peel – but when someone has gone to all the trouble to peel and slice it and arrange it attractively, I’m the first to devour it!

    Why isn’t the orange more like, say, a Bounty – much easier to open.

    Bananas are good, portable fruit …but then you just end up thinking of phallic things when you’re eating them.

    Apples – yeah…but then you have to dispose of the core, or you may be confronted with a bruise (on the apple that is)

    Enough from me…I think I’ll just go have some camembert.

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