The information contained in the previous post may contain information that is sensitive and/or legally privileged information intended only to be read by those who enjoy a good time and are not teetotallers or wowsers. If you do not fit the profile of the intended reader, please be advised that you have read this post in error, and any use, copying, forwarding, printing, circulation or publication is strictly forbidden. If you have read this post in error, notify the blogger immediately, then delete it completely from your computer …

I must say, I think I am quite talented at the semi-deliberate-drunken-blog-post.

Note to self and to others: under no circumstance should the drunken girl be allowed to log on to her blog and/or click ‘save’.

[NB. If I really cared, I would just deleted the previous post. I find it amusing, and I’m sure those who know me, and more importantly know me when I’ve had a few drinks, will find it amusing too. By the by, of the 6 bottles: one was a fresh bottle of red, one a bottle of red with a glass and a half remaining in it, the others were mostly-empty bottles of port, baileys, kilkenny butterscotch creme and amarillo(?)]


~ by pincushiondiary on October 5, 2004.

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