bis ruddy good

6 bottles later and ourt house meeting is adjourned. bis ruddy good to drink when having house meting.
we’s does lurves each other verry mich.
we did practice our swing dancing.
we’s is gunna have more parties too cos people lurves our parties.
we are the pirateswhodon’tdo anyfing, we just stay at home and ly around.. and if you ask us to do anyfing, we just tell you we don’t do anyfing!
dis booze is ruddy good. dishes don’t matter. happy to me to park car in same place. must learn to clean pool. tis all ruddy good.
my male housemate and my female housemate don’t have to go to work tomorrow and I do … vats not ruddy good at all!

~ by pincushiondiary on October 5, 2004.

One Response to “bis ruddy good”

  1. heh. Funny stuff.

    (Memo to self: don’t blog when drunk)

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