Friday thru Sunday

First Aid course. Any takers on collapsing and having me perform CPR on them? I’m all trained up and ready to go … Was an intense day of taking in super-important information! Did Level 1, Basic First Aid & CPR course through work, as it had been brought to my attention that we had only one first aider and a lot of aging academics here in the History Program. Am hoping that I never have to actually perform EAR or CPR, but am feeling the better for finally having done the course and have hopefully retained the information that I will need should I ever find myself in the presence of someone who has stopped breathing. Maybe I’ll have more success in asking people if I can bandage an imaginary injury on one of their limbs?

All Saints. Friday night was a nothing night for me. My knees were a bit sore post-CPR training, and what better to do after a day of learning first aid skills than sit down and watch the episode of ‘All Saints’ that one taped earlier in the week? Then spent the better part of an hour looking for the episode of ‘Six Feet Under’ that I had taped a few weeks ago in order to then watch the past few weeks worth in order … couldn’t find it, so will have to tape tonight’s episode as well. It is on a bit late for this little girl sometimes anyway …

Conversation. Had a very healing one with an important person. Communication on both sides and full steam ahead.

Bridge Rd. Got out and about on sunny Saturday afternoon and went for a quick wander with L to find a present for a friend of hers. Had a yummy focaccia as a late lunch, and bought myself a treat. Marvelled over just how dressed-up some people get in order to go shopping. It is something that I continually struggle to understand … Teetering high-heels on uneven bitumen footpaths just aren’t comfortable or practical.

New skirt. The treat that I bought for myself. I have been know to say many a time “I have far too many skirts and am not allowed to buy any more …”, but this one really took my fancy, and so … who cares how many skirts I have? This one is black, basically A-line cut, with white screen-printed roses scattered all over it. Can be suitably dressed up or down, as the occassion would demand. Only problem is that I am currently wearing it and am sitting here getting rather bothered by the itchy tag.

Gothika. Saturday night video choice. Halle Berry very good. Intriguing look into reality/delusions and which is which … How can you trust someone when they think you are crazy? The more one tries to explain that one isn’t crazy, the crazier one sounds … Creepy psychological thriller, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

The Terminal. Steven Spielberg directed this. I don’t really care about that. Tom Hanks really entertained me in this film. Haven’t really given much thought to his talent before, but he has it and he has won two Best Actor oscars in the past to prove it … Didn’t like Catherine Zeta Jones’ character much at all, and really don’t like her much at all either … T’was nice to see a movie that was free of violence and sex for a change, and to be greatly entertained by it. Thoroughly recommend this as a nice story and good film to see. Just avoid the late afternoon sessions on a Sunday, as this is when the oldies come out to play, and they seem to have an ignorance to the etiquette of cinema-going. I was this close (imagine fingers with very little air inbetween) to turning to the man next to me and politely enquiring as to whether he was planning on talking through the whole film. Fortunately, he stopped … mostly. It wasn’t just him though, and I’m sure if I had objected too loudly I would have had popcorn thrown at me. Example: “Oooh, that reminds me of when we were on the train from (blah) to (blah) in 1984 …” as Tom Hanks’ character tries to get comfortable on the nasty chairs that one finds in airport lounges. Understand my irritations?

Chinese food. Around the corner in Station St. Yummy food. Coupon deal. Wasn’t asked to leave my water bottle at the door (well, actually didn’t have one with me …) Excellent! The waitresses were faced with an unexpectedly busy night. The strangest thing was the large group who were seated (after a bigger table-top had been produced from somewhere) and then left just as unexpectedly as they had arrived. Odd.


~ by pincushiondiary on October 4, 2004.

2 Responses to “Friday thru Sunday”

  1. The terminal is a superb film. I have seen it twice in as many weeks. The ending is superb.

  2. Talking in movies is a big no-no. Feel free to talk during the ads, feel free to get up and leave and talk outside. But if you dare to speak during a film while sitting near me, beware! 🙂

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