Luckeeieeei …

… I’m with AAMI!

Well, that’s clearly what they want me to think, because yesterday in the mail I received Cruising with AAMI, a 10-track promotional CD and a red ‘AAMI Driver Excellence Award’ in recognition of the milestone that I have reached as an AAMI driver.

Milestone … ?
I’ve been insured with them for just over a year!?

Me thinks that they are throwing around their congratulations a bit willy-nilly here! Congratulate me for doing something significant! Certainly don’t congratulate me for one single year of being insured with you. A year in which, might I mention, I managed to get in the way of another driver and have an accident. AAMI are just congratulating me for the accident not being my fault!

The ‘AAMI Driver Excellence Award’ comes in various stages: Red = 1 – 4 years, Bronze = 5 – 9 years, Silver = 10 – 14 years, Gold = 15 – 19 years, and Platinum = 20 – 24 years. The ultimate award, the Diamond award, is given to those who have been accident free for 25 years or more.

The prize for one year of accident free driving? The Cruising with AAMI CD …

1. Romeo (Acoustic) – Basement Jaxx
2. Strange Transmissions – The Peter Malick Group (featuring Norah Jones)
3. Just You and Me – D Genre
4. Chili Chili – Beats Bizarre
5. Rose Rouge – St Germain
6. Smooth Moves – Wulfran Trenet
7. Underwater Love – Smoke City
8. Rapture (Soulside Mix) – IIO
9. Super Groovy – Laurent Lombard
10. Music & Wine – Blue Six

‘Strange Transmissions’ seems to be the only one fitting for a driving CD from a car insurance company … At least at face value, and based on song titles alone.
What other songs could they have chosen to more successfully achieve the theme of a driving CD?
Tragically, Shannon Noll’s song about a big black car comes to mind …
Damn … I’m going to be singing that stupid song for the rest of the day.

~ by pincushiondiary on September 30, 2004.

5 Responses to “Luckeeieeei …”

  1. and I’m going to have Luckieee I’m with AAMI in my head all day!!!

  2. She drives me crazy

    Get out of my dreams, get into my car

    Pink Cadillac

    Green Limosine (was that song actually about a car, though?)

    Stop, in the name of love

    Greg, the stop sign!
    The Leader of the Pack (both just a bit too appropriate for an insurance company)

    The one where Paul Kelly drives all over the place and drinks coffee the colour of the river (but not nearly as brown)

    Get out the map (Indigo Girls)

    Must go to bed now…

  3. Nice suggestions MelT. Very thorough. Thanx 🙂
    Maybe will make project for summer when have access to my brother’s MP3s.

  4. Hey mate,

    I know this is a long shot but do you have somewhere i can download all of those tracks? I loved that CD when my brother got and and so did my ex-girlfriend but she still has it! Thanks

  5. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your comment!
    I don’t actually listen to that AAMI driving CD … would you like it? I can mail it to you the old fashioned way if you would like. (I’m not up with putting MP3s up online or anything…)
    Hey, I’d be interested to know how you come across my blog? And what prompted you to read such an old post…
    I don’t post very regularly any more – work is busier and life is busier… I actually have more to blog about but not the time to do it.
    I popped into your blog over the Easter holidays, and I may pop back in again soon.
    Cheerio & thanks for visiting,
    Trish (the perseverant pincushion)

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