fit and healthy

I rode 42 kms on Saturday!

I’m fit.
I’m pumped.
I rock!

Or …

I’m sore.
I ache.
My arse is a little tender …

But, I did ride 42 kms from Hawthorn to St Kilda to Brighton to St Kilda to Hawthorn.

I was ready for bed about 10 kms from home …

“YAY!” for Miss Trish, Miss Lizzy, Miss Hannah, Michael and Phil … (Tim doesn’t need a “yay”, ‘cos he’s a show-off cyclist anyway) because we had a lovely ride and made very good use of a lovely Saturday.
Let’s do it again very soon! (Because maybe my bum won’t hurt as much if we ride more often?)


~ by pincushiondiary on September 27, 2004.

One Response to “fit and healthy”

  1. My Sister and Friend are Going Riding every Weekend, and they both look the better for it.
    They didn’t go last weekend, because My Brother had to have his Bloody Grand Final Party, which *Everybody* has to come to, even if you have no interest in Football at all.
    My Little Finger is still swollen from being really poor at Kick-to-Kick and I still have the Headache from where I face-planted, or from Drinking too much… I can’t remember which. 😉

    Maybe I should take up a healthier sport too, like Cycling.

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