Lesson in how to annoy Trish

Tell her that she can’t bring her bottle of water into your restaurant!

After our swing dancing class last night, Liz, Dunk, Hannah and I decided we needed a quick and economical meal. So, we went to a restaurant on Doncaster Road.

I thought nothing of the fact that I was carrying a well-loved bottle of water in with me. We asked for a table, and waited while the more senior looking woman behind the bar spoke briefly to our waitress. The waitress then returned and said we indeed could sit in one of the booths, but I would have to leave my bottle with them while we dined. “Are you serious? Its a bottle of water? I’m just going to put it under the table with my bag!” Blah, blah … sorry restaurant rules … manager has asked me to say this, blah, blah …

I have never, never, been asked to leave my bottle of water at the door at a restaurant. Not even in a real restaurant, let alone somewhere as low-brow as La Porchetta! I wanted to walk out. I wanted to take my business elsewhere. I probably should have … I definitely should have. Instead, I plonked my bottle in the middle of their bookings list and we walked over to the table to be seated. I didn’t hide the fact that I was unimpressed. Those who know me well shouldn’t really be surprised by this …

We then sat there for at least 20 minutes, if not 25 minutes, waiting to be served. I said, “If our orders aren’t taken in the next five minutes, I’m walking out.” Dunk started his stop-watch. They had just over a minute left when our orders were finally taken.

“… and may we please have a jug of water and 4 glasses?” I said, with a smarmy smile on my face.

Our pizzas were tasty enough. Standard fare for La Porchetta. And the waitress did very nicely put each of our leftover pizza slices into separate boxes for us to take-away (a request which we had assumed that they would refuse).

My annoyance at the management of this particular franchise of La Porchetta was later intensified when I noticed ‘More-senior-looking-woman-behind-the-bar’ motion to our table and then hand a different waitress our bill. She brought it over to us, sat it on the table, and said, “We’re closing now”, and walked away.

Quick, I’d better leave before I say something really rude.

When Liz was paying for our food, because of course they don’t split bills, she was asked by ‘More-senior-looking-woman-behind-the-bar’, “How was your meal?” Liz gave a suitably icy response.

Don’t bother with La Porchetta in Doncaster.
And please don’t ask me to leave my bottle of water at the door.


~ by pincushiondiary on September 24, 2004.

One Response to “Lesson in how to annoy Trish”

  1. I’ve NEVER had a decent dining experience in any La Porchetta. They keep you waiting forever to be served, and keep you waiting forever for your meal. The La Porchetta in Highpoint often FORGETS to bring you your meal. We were waiting there over an hour… we didn’t leave because we actually wanted to find out how long it would take before they noticed we weren’t eating anything.

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