I am vain.

I am not in the realm of Hollywood vain (rhinoplasty or breast augmentation are not procedures I’ll be having), but I am vain. To some extent, we probably all are when we’re honest with ourselves. We care what we look like and what people think of us. We want to be attractive …

Let me tell you today’s story about being vain …

Outside my office is a photo board of all of the staff in the department. (I have mentioned this photo board on another occasion just over a month ago, as I was frequently refering to it when I first started my new job). For the past month I have been putting off having my photo taken for said photo board. I knew that I needed a cut and colour, even though up until a day or two before my visit to the salon people were still commenting on how much they loved my hair. Once I notice my regrowth, regardless of the fact that other people don’t notice it, I am very conscious of it. I didn’t want to have my photo for the photo board taken when I knew that my hair was in need of a refresh. I may be working here for quite a few years (people tend to stay in employ here for a long amount of time, even admin staff), and if it is a bad photo, it will haunt me every working day between now and when I leave …

This morning I gave greater thought to what to wear to work. I styled my new hair just that bit more carefully. I chose nice earrings to wear. I reapplied my lippy just before going over to the multimedia department for my portrait sitting. The photographer took a few photographs. I was reminded of school photo days …

Ahh, the digital camera. Delete the bad ones. Bad hair, delete. Funny expression, delete. Left with a few good ones. Hard to tell on the little screen on the digital SLR (very nice, I want one). The photographer asked if I was happy for her to choose the best out of option 2 and 3 once they had been enlarged. Sure, I replied, otherwise I’ll never make a decision because I’m too vain!

Photography session over, I make my way back to my office. Hmm, my necklace is getting caught on my jumper. Why is that? Closer investigation reveals that I have my jumper on backwards … Fortunately, it is one of those chunky collared types that looks the same right-way and wrong-way. But I will know, for the rest of my working life here no less, that I had my jumper on backwards in that photo!


~ by pincushiondiary on September 23, 2004.

2 Responses to “Vanity”

  1. Great story Trish!

  2. That’s my girl!! I am sooo proud!!ahh you have learnt well grasshopper.

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