Is it still there … ?

The answer to the question on everyone’s lips …

Yes, the duck is still here! Quack!

He* is a bit of a grumpy duck and doesn’t seem to like humans much, though is enjoying a bit of a paddle in our pool. We are a little worried that the duck is injured, and if he is still in our yard tomorrow we will be calling either the council or the people in the hut at the nearby wetlands. We’ve given the duck the obligatory bits of bread, and he is camped out under a bush in the corner of our garden near the pool. Any suggestions on caring for injured ducks would be appreciated …

*I’ve decided that he is a boy, based on nothing but a feeling …

~ by pincushiondiary on September 20, 2004.

3 Responses to “Is it still there … ?”

  1. According to the signs down at Albert Park lake, feeding ducks bread can bring on stomach aches and it’s the equivalent of junk food.

    There are duck pellets that you can get at some pet stores and if the Barastoc livestock produce dealer is still on the corner of High Street and Wooton Avenue in Thornbury, they’ll have what you need at a reasonable price.

    Fresh water, plenty of it, they need that available all the time because they have to wash down their food.

    Meanwhile give her vegetable trimmings and chopped up fruit, and welcome to your own live mulcher!

  2. Now that the nice people at Parks Victoria have advised us that the duck is here to stay for a little while to have baby ducks, we are not assisting the diet of said duck in any way, shape or form. Apparently, the chlorinated water will not even be a bother to her or her ducklings … only getting out of the pool will be the big issue for the little quackers!

  3. aww, not even a little extra to keep her happy while she nests? Harsh! 😀

    I have a mental image of a row of increasingly frustrated and dismayed ducklings hurling themselves time and again at the brick edge of the pool, the mother standing on the pool edge like a drill sergeant quacking at them….

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