do the right thing

Before I delve into today’s enthralling task of triple-checking the draft timetable for 1st Semester, 2005 …

On this, my 5th Friday of working here, I noticed once again just how slobby on-campus residents are. What is normally a rather pleasant walk from my car to my office becomes a game of “Spot the bit of grass that isn’t scattered with empty bottles and cans” post Thursday-binge-drinking-night. Chisholm College is a silent fortress on Friday mornings, as students try to sleep off the events of the previous evening.

I was rather amused last week as I walked past to hear that the night had not yet ended for one group of residents, as they very loudly celebrated … something … with the window fully open and their voices fully raised to the tune of … something …! I couldn’t really tell what they were singing. I’m sure the people trying to sleep-in that morning were suitably unimpressed by the show too.

A very large recycling recepticle placed strategically outside the residences would not go astray during the early hours of Friday mornings.


~ by pincushiondiary on September 17, 2004.

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