Trish’s bio

As part of the faculty newsletter, bios are done on new staff members. This is the result of a chat between myself and Kai, the person responsible for the write-ups:

Trish Austin, the new Administrative Officer in the History Program, describes herself as a ‘city-country’ person. She grew up in Warrnambool, and is one of many staff at La Trobe who have gravitated to Melbourne from the country. She still frequently goes back down west to visit her family, however, and spent 2000 back in Warrnambool recharging her batteries after finishing her honours degree in History at Monash in 1999.

Trish’s honours dissertation was a study of two prominent women in late fifteenth-century Florence: Lucrezia Tornabuoni de’ Medici and Alessandra Strozzi. She considered these two, on different sides of Florentine political conflicts of the time, as wives, widows and mothers – exploring their influence on both politics and art patronage via their husbands and sons.

This involved reading texts in renaissance Italian, which Trish says made it harder for her to speak good contemporary Italian (she had studied Italian throughout the first three years of her degree, and sometimes felt like ‘a fish out of water’ in Italian classes where so many students spoke Italian at home).

After her year of ‘not doing much’ in Warrnambool following her graduation, Trish took a position as administrator of the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, which she held for the next three and a half years, until she joined us here at La Trobe. She has found La Trobe a welcoming place – the History Program especially; she also likes the way so much training is available to La Trobe staff. Trish has already been on a Dreamweaver course to prepare her for her role as History Department webmaster.

Trish’s interests outside work include photography and cycling; she has just bought a ‘hybrid’ bike under the influence of her cyclist flatmate Leanne, and aims to begin riding to La Trobe from her shared house in Fairfield.

I actually sound like a reasonably interesting person when it is all written down like that …


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  1. Hmmm. Yes. It sounds like Miss Trish.

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