Think before you speak! (Lesson #2)

(Disclaimer: People who visit my blog via flyinginbluesky potentially may be mildly upset by this blog entry, so should read it with that caution in mind …)

Last night I was having a meandering conversation with a dear friend of mine. In part, we talked for a little while about the recent tragic death of a very close friend of hers. He fell off a tall building. Other parts of our conversation were about the TV series Six feet Under. This has been a favourite of mine for some time, and was also a favourite of my friend’s friend. Before and since her friend’s death, my friend has been interested in watching the program to see if she likes it too. I was filling her in on how the the beginning of each show is about the death of a person, which later becomes a part of the main or sub storyline for that episode. Last week’s episode started, in my thoughtless words, “In the 60s … a guy and a girl on an acid trip … they go up onto the roof and he thinks he can fly … he jumps off the building and SPLAT! …” my stomach lurches and I realise what I have said … Doh! My friend’s friend had tragically fallen off a building. When told as a child that you should think before you speak, it really is a lesson one should pay attention to! It’s funny what we do say when we are in a safe and comfortable conversational environment. Fortunately, my comment was more cathartic/nourishing/beneficial than offensive, and I was given permission to blog about it.


~ by pincushiondiary on September 14, 2004.

One Response to “Think before you speak! (Lesson #2)”

  1. Oh man. Those moments.

    One time I was gleefully showing a friend a video game (Midtown Madness) that involves driving around, and the car was crashing into numerous others, sending stuff flying. He looked at it and said in surprise/shock “Whoa.” Initially I didn’t quite understand his reaction.

    Milliseconds later I realised this was the same guy who was in a near-fatal car crash some years ago, which left him in a coma for several weeks and has affected his life ever since.

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