Yay for web administrator Trish!

The website for the program/department that I work in is a little out of date. It has a lot of small changes and updates that need to be made, not least of which is changing the contact details to reflect my position here. One person is responsible for the changes to sites at a School level. That incorporates History, Art History, Archaeology, Spanish, Greek, Italian … It is a big job for her. Especially amidst all of the other tasks her position requires.

In an admin staff meeting last week, I mentioned that, given the proper training, I would be happy to take on board the maintenance of the web pages for my program/department. My supervisor and the Head of Program and the Head of School were all very pleased to hear this, and fully supported the idea.

So, I did some Dreamweaver (because that is the software we have to use here) training last week. I learnt all the basics, and then learnt how to not be too creative and told to use the University’s pro formas and templates. And …

da, da, da

Yesterday, I made my first real, actual, proper change to our program’s web site! It was only a teency weency one, but still
Go here … See that there e on the end of Richard Broomes name? Well, I did that! Dont know who the nuff-nuff was who spelt his name wrong (probably the spell-checker picked it up and changed it to Broom, as in sweep ) but I fixed it! Yay for me! Now I just have to get the wad of changes back from the person who was going to be doing it before I took on the job, and full steam ahead for me!!


~ by pincushiondiary on September 9, 2004.

One Response to “Yay for web administrator Trish!”

  1. wahey! Good for you 🙂 Now to get that training under your belt and let loose on your own site!

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