My team just lost their elimination final to my family’s chosen team.

Here was I, all excited about the possibility of my team being in the Grand Final this year … Alas, I sit here as one of the many disappointed Melbourne fans out there at this very moment.

At least I don’t have to hang my head as I travel home from the game … I listened to the radio for the main parts of the game in between helping a friend move house.

To their credit, they were only beaten by 5 points. Still, beaten is beaten. Elimination is elimination.

According to my old “Odd Year, Even Year” theory, I don’t even have next year to look forward to … Even year = team goes well. Odd year = team helps with holding up the rest of the teams somewhere near the bottom of the laddder.

Maybe 2005 will be different and throw my theory into chaos? Fingers crossed …


~ by pincushiondiary on September 4, 2004.

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