sweaty night

I kept waking up last night thinking that I was getting sick with fever or something.
By the early hours of the morning I had thrown off the doona and was left with just the sheets.
This morning, I hear on the radio that last night was the hottest winter night in 93 years, at 17. I’m not getting a fever, it was just hot last night! Might be time to put the flannelette pyjamas away for a few months.
The exciting thing about this change in weather is that it won’t be long until it is hot enough to make the most of the pool in our backyard! Splash!


~ by pincushiondiary on August 26, 2004.

3 Responses to “sweaty night”

  1. I have been sick for the last week (after someone turned the central heating up too high last Wednesday night), and this morning, after being hot and uncomfortable all night, I awoke to a clear throat and the ability to Smell the Spring in the Air.

    Yay for Spring!

  2. Sigh. It#s hotter AT NIGHT where you are than where I am in the day.
    What is the use of an overseas trip?
    Oh, yeah. I remember!

  3. Miss Marita, you cannot, absolutely cannot, complain about the temperature where you are. It is forbidden to complain whilst on a jaunt around the world at someone else’s expense.

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