Day #3 a success too!

Last night went to see the Bell Shakespeare Company’s performance of Twelfth Night. T’was a very enjoyable performance. I was very tired, and worried about my ability to listen to Shakespearean dialogue whilst in such a state, but nevertheless was able to fully enjoy a great production.
The surprise for me was when I opened the program in the intermission to see that the character of Viola was being played by Caroline Craig, formerly of Blue Heelers fame. I had no idea up until that moment, and think more highly of her now after seeing her in this production. The actor who played Malvolio, Bille Brown, was hillarious in the role, and the jester, Feste, was also a delight, and an absolute cack to watch.

Today was day #3 of my new job as well. Learnt yet more things, met yet more people, and am tiring rapidly.

By the by, I was nicely surprised by the politeness of a fellow human being yesterday … I have been saying all week that the staff at La Trobe are very nice people. Well, on Tuesday, the consideration of the students (or at least, one of the students) was also brought to my attention as, during my lunch break whilst sitting on a bench, the woman sitting near me asked if it would bother me for her to light a cigarette. I have never been asked this question outdoors before! I made sure to thank her for her consideration as I got up to go back to my office anyway … the gesture surprised me.


~ by pincushiondiary on August 18, 2004.

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