Day #1 a success!

The first day of my new job at my new place of employment was very enjoyable!

I started the day by being early! Woo hoo!

I arrived at the gatehouse, hopeful of being issued with a visitor’s permit because “Its my first day and I’m not really sure where to park yet …”, and twiddled my thumbs listening to the radio for a few minutes before making my way to the place that is my new employment home: Room 110, First Floor, David Myers Building, East Wing.

I was given a very friendly greeting by the Head of Program and also my new admin colleague & supervisor, Carol. I met lots and lots (and lots and lots) of academics and postgraduates and sessional tutors and admin staff … the question is, how well will I remember their names?! Fortunately, there is one of those standard photo-boards in the corridor which I can refer to when in doubt. I was asked to do something today by “purple shirt, brown jacket & glasses” that required reference to said photo-board in order for me to know in which pidgeon-hole the completed article should be placed …

The Head of School popped down to say “Hello” and “Welcome”. One of the academics who had been on my interview panel popped in both in the morning, to also say “Hello” and “Welcome”, and in the afternoon, to say “How’s your day been?” All in all, I was made to feel extremely welcome by people.
The words “I’m sorry … I don’t know … its my first day …” were uttered on many occasions! However, by the end of the day I knew at least a few of the answers to the FAQs.

I was given reams of paper by personnel, for the purposes of orientation, and am required to do a number of induction courses, including topics as riveting as: Conditions of Employment; OH&S; ESS (Employment Self Service, so I can read my payslips on line and more!); IPPPS (??dunno??); and, NewSIS (something to do with student records). Phew! At least they give me a few months to get around to doing all of them …

Richard (see link on Head of Program above) gave me a tour of the campus and then bought me lunch, which was very nice and I felt very welcomed. I already knew Richard a little through connections at my previous place of employment, so it was a fairly casual and relaxed lunch and introduction to what the University has to offer in the way of foodstuffs.

Got my staff card (okay picture on the flattering scale) and my car parking permit, and am awaiting notification of my new e-mail address tomorrow. Also have huge bunch of keys to now attach to my recently reduced set and weigh myself down with. Need to get pants with pockets so that I’m not carrying them around in my hands all day long! I now have access to keys to more filing cabinets than you can poke a stick, or a number of sticks, at!

Am tired, yet content with my new adventure.


~ by pincushiondiary on August 16, 2004.

2 Responses to “Day #1 a success!”

  1. Hey Trish, is it true what I’ve heard… that you’ve got a new job?

    (Seriously though, glad it’s started well!)

  2. I’m a bit excited about it, aren’t I?

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