I could get used to this!

I could quite easily become accustomed to a life of leisure! What a shame that it just isn’t going to happen permanently any time soon! Bills to pay … my mouth to feed …

Both this morning and yesterday morning I stayed in my pj’s until about this time. My excuse today is that my shift-worker house-mate is still asleep, and to get up and move about too much would wake her up, so I’m still in bed. Hey, its my excuse, and I’m sticking with it!

I think that as each hour passes, I am less and less concerned with my previous job, which is very nice. I’m trying not to get too used to this laziness thing, or the having the whole day to waste away at my whim thing, because I really do want to start my new job with enthusiasm on Monday!

Yesterday … I slept in; had a leisurely shower (though still with thought given to water restrictions); spent a bit of time checking e-mail and blogs; called my mobile phone service provider and arranged for my new phone to be able to send MMS and use GPRS services; went to the shops to buy a birthday present and a few presents for myself for my new job; went out to dinner for the birthday of the lovely Ally, at a nice place called Paesano’s at Knox Ozone (the new Chapel street, I’m told) without having to give too much thought to what time I needed to be in bed or what time I needed to get up in the morning; called in to the 24-hour K-mart in Burwood on the way home and bought my second pair of shoes for the day (the bargain special at K-mart nicely balances out the amount spent on the other pair earlier in the day) and a new doona cover. All in all, a very nicely spent day!

Today … I am still in bed, blogging on the laptop, and now contemplating food … Will update tomorrow on what I did today. Have a feeling it will most definitely involve cleaning of some sort and tidying up my room, which has become a bit of a bomb-site of late, very un-Trish really! Might be going to the snow tomorrow, but have to decide how much it will tire me out, and weigh up the risk of breaking a bone two days before starting my new job … may just stay in my warm bed and think of others who have gone to the snow, whilst drinking hot chocolate!


~ by pincushiondiary on August 13, 2004.

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