what have you driven?

Following on from reading all about Daniel’s car-driving experiences, here is what I can remember of mine …

I mainly learned to drive in my Dad’s late 80s, manual, pale green, Mazda 626 liftback. My driving instructor’s name was Axle, but I don’t remember what kind of car he had … I think it was red (I only needed a couple of official lessons … pretty good, if I do say so myself).

I also did a couple of turns around the block in: my uncle’s pale blue Holden Camira (automatic); the family’s old white Toyota Highace (didn’t like driving in windy weather, and also didn’t like the gear shifter); and, there was that one time that Dad let me have a go on the forklift at his work … His theory was that the heavy steering and reverse action of the forklift would help me to understand … something.

My very own first car was “Winston”. A white 1979 Mazda 626 sedan. I drove all over the place with him … may he rest in peace. My brother drove him for the last of his days. What was interesting was the number of idiosyncracies that “Winston” had developed, that I had come to think of as normal, but that my brother thought were ridiculous and which were too easily fixed.

I’ve driven numerous vehicles of friends & family, notably: Liz’s purple & silver Daddo; Ally’s Daddo, “Milly the Pink Car with Attitude”; both Liz and Ally’s post-Daddo cars; my parents’ early 90s red Toyota Camry; my Mum’s late 80s red Ford Laser; my cousin’s 1998 grey Toyota Camry …

Most notably, I’ve driven a Subaru Impreza, which has the dubious title of being the car that I was driving when I got my one-and-only speeding fine … not too bad for 10 years of driving (including my learner period).

Currently, I drive a white 1998 Toyota Corolla Seca RV … and I luurve my spoiler.


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  1. My First Car was the Family Nissan G60 Patrol. It was big, noisy, agricultural and difficult to stop. I had 3 accidents in it which were all my fault. In that I learnt how to not rely on the Brakes.

    I also drove a Mazda Truck. I think it was an E3000. The best memory I have of driving it was trying to chase down a bunny-rabbit which decided to cross the road. Trying to squeeze every Watt of power out of it so I could reach that rabbit, switching gears using the two gear sticks was a challenge. The Rabbit got away to destroy more farmland. That’s how I learnt to select the right gear.

    The First Front Wheel Drive Car I drove was my N14 Pulsar. The suspension had had a bit of wear and tear, and I wasn’t used to FWD. It under-steered in the wet, and I hit the embankment. That’s how I learnt to corner at the correct speed.

    The best Delivery Vehicle I’ve driven was a Mercedes MB100D. It wasn’t terribly powerful, it was very noisy, but had a Turning-Circle which would put a Unicycle to shame, and could take any corner you could throw at it…

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