fridge meme

Installment #2

The fridges at home …


Yep, we have two. There’s also a small freezer in another room too. One would think that we were a huge household … but really, there’s just the three of us!

This is what is going on …

Top Left – My Fridge – 6 pack of VB left at our housewarming by someone unknown (I had wondered if it was a prank, because I don’t think I know anyone who drinks VB!); numerous miscellaneous take-away menus and other junky pieces of paper on the side of the fridge; the recycling and rubbish calendar; my potato head (I supplied the one on the fridge at the office too).

Bottom – My Fridge again, close-up – Two photos in magnetic frames, one of my Godson Xavier and his Mum and Dad, the other of my cousin and I in a little pub in Fareham (small town just near Portsmouth in South England) with blue tongues from 7 jugs of Blue Lagoon cocktails; Beer coaster that makes me laugh; free video vouchers for Blockbuster; a flyer for the Pentridge market (which we haven’t yet made it to); and numerous magnets from Scotland, New Zealand, Warner Bros Movie World …

Top-Right – Leanne’s Fridge – Shrek!; Photo of the three of us who reside in the house; Photos of Leanne’s nephew; Swing Dance classes timetable; a voucher for $20 for something that I know not of; a couple of other magnets.


~ by pincushiondiary on July 8, 2004.

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