my life of late

The last week or so has been enjoyable and eventful, significant and not-so-significant …

Last Thursday, I went with a couple of other friends to hear a speaker at a Forge event. I went because the guy who was speaking had spoken at a church service in Warrnambool, ooh about 12 years ago, when I first became a Christian. At the time he wrote me a couple of letters, I wrote back to him and said that I’d given it a bit of thought and decided that the being a Christian thing was way too much like hard work and sacrifice, and he wrote one last time to say he respected my decision and would pray for me. I said “Hello” and the stuff about the letters to him on Thursday night and he really appreciated hearing it. Spiritually, it was a nice reminder of the beginning of my journey …

Friday night I went to an 18th birthday party. A little bit out-of-the-ordinary in terms of my regular social activities, but I do know a reasonable-sized bunch of younger people who are at the significant ages of 18 and 21, and hence I go to 18ths and 21sts. The compliment of the night was when someone I had just met asked me if I knew the birthday girl from school. Ah, no … but thanks for the compliment. I haven’t been thought of as looking 18 since I was about 14!

Saturday morning I went to Norflanz (Northland Shopping Centre) to purchase Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (am yet to make the required donation) and wandered my way into the homewares department of Myer for no apparent reason. In my peripheral vision I could sense that a salesperson had approached me. “Can I help you with anything madam?” I turned and said, “No, just browsing thanks”. He said, “Its Trish isn’t it?” and I was flabbergasted. There before me stood … an ex-boyfriend from high school. The “What brings you to Melbourne?” conversation followed, and I wandered away shaken, yet also amused, as I remembered that I was his first kiss! Had you asked me to list my ex-boyfriends, I would have forgotten to put him on the list, because it was in high school … it doesn’t count! A two-month-long relationship, and hence not really worthy of being referred to as such!?

Watched the second LOTR movie with a friend on Saturday evening on the big screen (borrowed a data projector from work and got my technologically-gifted housemate to set it all up for me). Am now really keen to see the third of the trilogy. I know, I know … it has taken me forever to see these films!

Sunday afternoon I went to see ‘Raising Helen’ with my buddy, Liz. I had been told that this movie was a little bit of a tear-jerker at times, and this was not too much of an exaggeration. Three little kids losing their parents tragically is more than enough to get me started on the Kleenex! Its not a must-see movie, but I enjoyed it and felt that my time was well spent. Unlike later that evening, when I sat down on the couch to vegetate and happened across ‘Shallow Hal’. I got to the end of that movie (don’t know why I even sat there until the end …) only to proclaim, “I want that two hours of my life back!”


~ by pincushiondiary on July 7, 2004.

2 Responses to “my life of late”

  1. You forgot to mention your excellent footy tipping which now sees you at the top of the competition!

  2. hullooo, trish,
    just dropped in to see what this ‘blog’ thingo is all about. thought about starting one myself… quite revealing stuff!! hope life is good for you… i’m currently back at mum/dads, listening to paul kelly (which is about all i’ve listened to all year) and drinking beer with the folks, thay are both calling out ‘hello trish’ in the background to you

    so who was this ex-bf?
    and why are you a pincushion?


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