This Saturday just past, I was collecting a friend, while on the way to collect another friend (and a birthday cake), while on the way to Gav & Ally’s house to help set-up a surprise birthday party for Gav. (Happy belated birthday Gav!)

The first friend whom I was collecting had to dash back inside their house to grab some forgotten item, and I, in the meantime, found a pair of earrings in my car that I thought to wear with my outfit for the party.

I have long been an earring wearer who can quite easily put in her earrings by feel alone, without the aid of a mirror. I have some friends who are lost without the aid of a mirror when trying to thread the earrings through the tiny holes pierced in their earlobes. I needed no such help …

The piece of vital historical information necessary here is the knowledge that I once had not just one hole pierced in each earlobe, but in fact used to have two holes pierced in each lobe. Quite a few years back I decided that I often didn’t have the inclination to wear one pair of earrings, let alone two, so I let the second set of holes close over.

Now, on Saturday, whilst sitting in my car waiting for said friend to return from retrieving said forgotten item from inside their house, I happily inserted my earrings into what I thought were both of the “in use” holes in my earlobes.


It was only a second later that I realised that I had, infact, re-pierced the second, unwanted, hole in my left earlobe.

My ear was red and tender for the remainder of the afternoon …

Fortunately, my hair often covers my ears and nobody was (’til now) any the wiser that I had foolishly pierced my own ear.

I’m using a mirror for now until I get my confidence back … I don’t want to slip-up again and re-pierce the right lobe!


~ by pincushiondiary on June 21, 2004.

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