Sexy Dr Joe

Alas, I’ve just realised that I have been absent from my blog for nearly two whole weeks!
I apologise, profusely, to those who have popped in for a visit over this time, only to discover that I have gone a.w.o.l.

It isn’t that I’ve been out of the country, or exceptionally busy, simply a little bit unwell …

Which leads me to this story about my recent visit to the emergency department of a large, outer eastern, metropolitan hospital (MMC) …

After an excruciatingly long wait on very uncomfortable chairs, I was taken beyond the doors that require a security code and into the bustle of the emergency department itself.
After a further excruciatingly long wait, in which I eye-balled anyone who walked past that even vaguely resembled a doctor, I had the pleasure of realising that the attractive young man with a stethoscope around his neck walking towards me was actually my doctor for the evening …
“Sexy Dr Joe”, as I have nick-named him, was blonde-haired, blue-eyed and british-accented. I’m 100% sure I was lucid. However, when retelling the story, it kind of seems more like I was an extra in a daytime soap opera …

A couple of days later, as I was receiving treatment for the ailment that had brought me to the emergency room in the first place, a nurse asked me who the specialist registrar was that I saw in emergency. This was the specialist who saw me after “Sexy Dr Joe” had examined me. “Sexy Dr Joe” was simply one of the attending doctors in emergency. I didn’t recall the specialist’s name.
In my medical notes, however, the specialist had written, “This attractive 26 year old is experiencing symptoms of … (blah) …”
I asked the nurse if she was sure that the specialist had written that, “Are you sure it wasn’t the attending doctor? He was really attractive …”
Shucks. It was indeed the middle-aged specialist and not the young and attractive attending doctor who had written that comment in my notes.

I asked a friend of mine who is currently doing her rotation in emergency at the same hospital if she knew of “Sexy Dr Joe”. Indeed she does. He is not a figment of my imagination or a drug-induced halucination (though at that point they hadn’t given me anything anyway!). He is a bona fide sexy doctor. He also offered to buy my friend lunch one day when she appeared to be eating only crackers. Silly girl refused his offer!


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  1. hehe.. I think we all need a doctor joe.. almost worth getting sick for.. ( i am sure however that this is all an advertising ploy.. all for the improvement of the public health system.. so that all of a sudden the trolley doesn’t seem so hard, the wait not so long.. and we don’t care so much that the hospital gowns are the smallest piece of material known to mankind.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. and i get to work with him…

    am still trying to track down who the specialist was for you, Trish! (well, really to satisfy my own curiosity)

  3. Poor specialist … no patient will ever remember his name as long as ‘Sexy Dr Joe’ preceeds him in the emergency room.

    He was Indian or Sri Lankan maybe … He was filling in for the female registrar … I am trying, but I really can’t remember his name!

    All I can remember is ‘Sexy Dr Joe’ and I can even remember his surname too!

  4. Also … My apologies for calling you a silly girl, Mel!

  5. Oh, and did you ask him if he remembered me..?
    It goes something like, “You treated a friend of mine… Did you write a comment about her being an attractive 26 year old in her notes, or was it really the specialist?”

  6. I did ask (as I wandered into work from your birthday party) and he was pleased to hear you were well enough for margaritas!

    i didn’t use that line though, dammit. i suppose it’d be pushing it to try now…

    hope you’re well ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. P.S. Many thanks to whoever made the lemon meringue pie and to Leanne for making me take it – the perfect 4am snack!

  8. Found your site through blogspot and wanted to say hi

  9. Well, “Hi back and thanks for visiting …” I have a funny feeling that your comments are just creative spam and your links are for porn sites, but welcome anyway! (The fact that you have gone straight to the ‘Sexy Dr Joe’ entry is a bit of a hint). Note to self: don’t use the word ‘sexy’ in anymore blog entries, it garners too much spam.

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