As I walk to the post office most days to collect the mail, I get a chance to notice what interesting things are to be seen in Collingwood. There is always something happening that warrants a mention, either on my blog or simply to the other staff when I return to the office …

For the past couple of weeks I have observed the slow decomposition of an archaic photocopier (circa 1980) that has been dumped on the footpath in one of the streets that runs perpendicular to Smith Street.

To begin with, this photocopier perhaps had the potential for resurrection by someone mechanically minded and nifty with a screwdriver. Then someone not so mechanically minded and rather nifty with baseball bat appears to have come across this rejected photocopier during their travels.

Each day as I pass this photocopier by, it appears as more and more pieces of plastic and springs and rollers, strewn across the footpath. While it started by taking up only maybe one square metre of footpath, it now fills two or three square metres. It is not quite an obstacle course for pedestrians, but is certainly on its way to becoming a hazardous encounter as one walks to the post office.

Two things have occured to me …

It is right outside the door to the offices who, at a guess, dumped it there in the first place. Isn’t it in the way for them? Isn’t it a constant reminder that perhaps they didn’t choose the best method for removal of their unwanted machine?

Also, should I trip over it and take the opportunity to sue for compensation for my injuries from the City of Yarra? As far as I can guess, they have not and will not make no attempts to clear it away. It is not discreetly discarded in a hidden alley, it is as plain as the nose on the face of the street that it is in!

I wonder how much longer it will stay?

~ by pincushiondiary on April 26, 2004.

One Response to “discarded”

  1. you should photgraph it – maybe would be a good decomposition time study(???)

    sorry – haven’t read your blog before so i don’t know if you have a camera! : )

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