the good news

It has been strange to not blog for a week …

Thoughts and events have passed me by without being given the opportunity to be recorded for posterity on my blog. Shucks. At the same time, though, I did have a lovely week (well, almost a week) of doing absolutely nothing of consequence …

I baked cakes and muffins with my sister, played games with my family (Clue, Killer Uno and Egyptian Ratscrew being the games of choice on this visit home, with the odd game of Canasta or Boggle thrown in for good measure) walked the dog, played ‘fetch’ with the dog (he’s just 6 months old, but he’s getting the hang of it quite nicely), read a book (nearly finished it) …

Sunday morning I went to my family’s Church. T’was nice to be recognised and greeted by people I don’t know or can’t remember. They know me by association, that is, they know my Mum/Dad/sister and know that I exist and know what I do, where I live, what my health is like, etc. T’was nice also to be greeted by people who I do know and do remember!

Spent a little time reflecting on Easter, Jesus (crucifixion & resurrection) and the idea of having been given ‘new life’ …

Returned to work this morning to be reminded that ‘new life’, while certainly being celebrated at Easter, can also be something that we are given every day.

Today I learned that three people I know have become engaged.
In particular, an elaborate and well-schemed, not to mention romantic, trip to New Zealand for one friend sees her sporting a particularly shiny ring on a particular finger!
I also learned that one couple I know welcomed the arrival of their first child last week.

Congratulations, and a toast to ‘new life’, to all of them!


~ by pincushiondiary on April 15, 2004.

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