patriotic much?

I wouldn’t refer to myself as all that patriotic.
Sure, I appreciate Australia Day … for the public holiday that it brings, but not for much else.
I certainly am pleased when an Aussie succeeds in some manner, sporting or otherwise, but such an event does not bring tears of joy to my eyes.
I am often disgusted to be an Australian when certain leaders of our country align us with horrible occupancies in distant countries … but this feeling comes not so much from being patriotic, but more from being human.

I pondered this lack of patriotism in me today as I walked along the street …

I had just been passed by a very old and beat-up Ford stationwagon that had two Australian flags attached to the bonnet in the manner of a diplomat’s vehicle. While this car was in no way as luxurious as the car of a diplomat, and while it did not offer a personalised numberplate in the manner of little Johnnie’s ‘C1’ or ‘PM1’ or ‘JH1’ (or whatever his numberplate actually is…), it was more openly patriotic than any other car or person I have come across in the last week or two.

“Orrstraaallyyanns orll lettuce rejoyce…”


~ by pincushiondiary on April 2, 2004.

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