sign here please … and your phone number too, while you’re at it

We just had our photocopier moved from one room to another. The growth of our staff has necessitated this change in scenery for this trusty, though sometimes rather unreliable, piece of machinery. We tried to move it ourselves, but just didn’t have enough combined muscle to budge it. It appears that we were lacking the skill to a) unscrew the large capacity paper tray and the finisher, and b) take off the brakes … Hmmm

I was in a meeting while said photocopier was being moved. Our youngest and second-newest employee, Georgina, dealt with the burly copier removalist men (BCRM). When the job was finished, she was asked to sign the obligatory piece of paperwork to confirm that, yes, the BCRMs had done their job correctly and efficiently.

It went something like this:

Younger BCRM: “Sign here please”, as he hands the clipboard to Georgina.
Georgina signs the paperwork and passes the clipboard back to him with a friendly smile.
Younger BCRM: Peruses the paperwork and says, “You’ve forgotten to put your phone number here”
Georgina: “Oh, sorry …” Georgina leans over to write our phone number on said paperwork.
Younger BCRM: “I was just kidding actually, but you can write it if you want …” Grin.
Georgina: (“CLICK”) “Ah…. No … No” Georgina blushes and shakes her head.

Both BCRMs bid a hasty farewell … and move on to their next removalist job in search of another young woman’s phone number!


~ by pincushiondiary on March 26, 2004.

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