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NB. Those people who do post comments on my blog need not pay much attention to this blog entry!

Following on from a discussion just had with people who read my blog, but who either give me no indication that they do actually read it or who only give me verbal indication that they do, I thought I would draw people’s attention to something rather nifty (well, actually, its pretty basic in the grand scheme of niftiness) …

See down there under this entry where it says:
‘Posted by trish at xx:xx am : Comments (0) : Trackback (0)’?
Well, if you click on the ‘Comments (0)’ and open up that page, you can a) read comments that other people or myself have posted, or b) post a comment yourself.

I say this only because some days I feel that nobody reads my blog, yet many people assure me that they do. I’m not asking to be inundated by comments, rather I’m just asking you to share in a little part of the blogging experience. Be funny, be witty, be creative … just try not to be too nasty!


~ by pincushiondiary on March 23, 2004.

3 Responses to “comment comment comment”

  1. Readers who are not commenters are lurkers. I guess I’m a little too prone to putting in my two cents worth to remain a lurker!

  2. O great and wise miss trish.. I am indeed one of those evil people who you have just described. I am a selfish reader who simply reads, delights, and then sneaks away with never a trace.. but i shall be incognito no more.. i endevour to comment when comment is required. 🙂

  3. i am a lurker, whatever that may be! Actually, come to think of it – i WAS a lurker, but am not anymore, for now i have commented.

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