What a lovely weekend!

I’m not grumpy that it is Monday. I’m not sufferring from a case of ‘monday-itis’. I just had a really good weekend and didn’t want it to end!

The good things began on Thursday evening when my housemate, Jason, upon returning from an expedition to the local shopping centre (affectionately known as ‘Norrflanz’) presented me with something that I have been raving about for the past few weeks, since I have discovered that they are available … a choc-orange Magnum! M-mmm! I luurvve jaffa! My housemates both discovered this fact about me when I got very excited about the choc-orange-flavoured Ice Magic in the supermarket aisle. I’ve since also discovered that there are choc-orange-flavoured Mars Bars out there called ‘lava’ and I’m on the hunt for them (all donations gratefully accepted!)

Friday night was spent at the house of friends, celebrating the event of one of them turning 40 at some point this year (he’s stretching it out for the whole year to make sure he enjoys it! Hear, hear!) Luurrverly, scruuummptious wine tastings and m-mmm cheeses to be had at this little gathering. A very nice, and rather civilised, end to the working week.

Saturday was a day of moving more quickly than usual around the house as we prepared to host our housewarming party. A summer themed extravaganza in honour of our still-not-working pool! Thank you to those who attended and made warming our house such a delightful event! Even if the summer clothing was a little bit lacking for many of you! Note: simply wearing a short-sleeved shirt does not, in my opinion, constitute a costume for a summer themed party! I’m pleased that you all don’t have a plethora of hawaiian shirts tucked away in your wardrobes, but I thought that a few more pairs of thongs and shorts would be on display. I’m sadly disappointed that no wetsuits came to the party either … there was a convertible Holden Astra Turbo (black, with red leather interior … m-mmm), which was very fun, and very summery (“Yay” to Gav & Holden!) All that said, I had a marvellous, marvellous time! Thanks must also go to Jason’s family who served food and washed dishes without being asked to, freeing us to socialise with our guests. How super! A brief house meeting has decided that we must have someone’s parents on hand for all future parties.

Sunday saw me go for a short bike ride (I’m sticking to this plan to get fit!), vacuum and polish my car, and have a successful shopping trip up Mt Dandenong to find a stained-glass butterfly for my Mum to give to her best friend for her 50th birthday. The weekend ended with an enjoyable 21st birthday party for a great guy – Congratulations Steve!

What a lovely weekend!


~ by pincushiondiary on March 22, 2004.

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  1. I must add, another thing that made the weekend nice was being given flowers twice.
    My cousin, Julie, gave me a nice bunch of white roses, and a very sweet and attractive guy gave me a single white rose that he pilfered from the front garden of a house in my street. How nice.

  2. Mumble mumble summer theme mumble cold night outside mumble mumble you won’t see me freezing my arse off… enjoyed attending though!

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