Hard rubbish relocation

On Saturday, one of my housemates and I were riding around the streets near our house. We were out for an easy ride as I build up my fitness and until my bottom becomes more comfortable with being on a bicycle seat for longer and longer periods of time. We spied three pieces of a modular lounge suit. A little grotty, but perhaps suitable for use if a throw rug were placed over them.

Once we were home I mentioned this discovery to our other housemate, who has developed a habit of collecting things (two armchairs, a banana lounge and an old Apple Mac) off the side of the road and bringing them home in or on his little Pulsar liftback. We needed a couple of chairs for our second living area, and we thought that these might do the job in the short-term, so we drove around the corner and loaded them into the Pulsar. Only two armchairs would fit into the car to begin with, so while my housemate drove those home I sat on the curb and ‘guarded’ the other. It was only when he returned and pointed it out to me did I realise that I had been sitting on the curb when I could have been sitting on the couch. Hmm …

Now, skip back in time for a moment to the week when I moved into our house (a bit over a month ago). On the day of moving in, my microwave decided that it was time to go to microwave heaven. I put the microwave on the nature strip hoping that someone would come past and take it, relieving me of the burden of disposing of it another way. After one night of being out on the nature strip, we discovered that the power lead had been ruthlessly hacked off the microwave. A day or two later we were delighted to find that the microwave had disappeared completely! We thought that would be the last we would see of that little Sanyo microwave … but no!

Let’s return to the present day, and to the story about the collection of the three armchairs. As my housemate and I were returning home with the third of the chairs, casting a perusing glance over the other piles of discarded household items that we passed by, he said to me,
“Isn’t that your microwave?”
“What!? I didn’t see …”
I made him drive around the block again so that I could get a better look.
Sure enough, there it was, my old microwave.
The little Sanyo with no cord, no plate (I kept that) and no power to heat. Discarded once again. Poor little Sanyo microwave …

It seems that in our neighbourhood we don’t have hard rubbish collection, we have hard rubbish relocation!


~ by pincushiondiary on March 15, 2004.

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  1. My all-time favorite hard-rubbish score was one of my brother’s, who came home toting a very large, red plastic object:

    – What’s that?
    – A House Nose!
    – And what exactly do you do with a House Nose?
    – Keep my used golf balls in it, of course!

  2. A house nose!
    How delightful!
    I could live in a clown house …
    Hmmm, will be on the look-out for one of those!

  3. I put out some hard rubbish a few months ago.
    * An old 486, without any drives
    * An old Dumb Terminal and Keyboard
    * An assortment of unrelated computer junk.
    I presume someone took it away so they could try to hook it all up together. That’d be funny.

    The Best Score from Hard Rubbish was actually from a Building site. An old battered Full Tower case containing a corroded 486 Motherboard, and working 1.2GB Hard Disk. The Case was exact same design of another case I had been modding, so now I have two identical Computers!

  4. I’ve since been told that someone thought that they saw my microwave being used as a letterbox somewhere in the country … I think I’ve also seen it visiting the nature strip of someone’s house in another Melbourne suburb too … Hmmm, creepy magical microwave.

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