Dinner conversation @ Stuzzi

Last night I had the pleasure of eating out with a number of friends at a restaurant in Northcote that has good food, good service and great tables (large, heavy, square tables with high-backed fabric chairs).

As is often the case with dinner conversation when dinner has been accompanied by some wine (wine which has been consumed before the meal has arrived and has gone straight to the heads of a boy and a girl or two) the topic of conversation sometimes becomes rather amusing and enjoyable.

Firstly, because we were sitting on table #23, we each shared an interesting story that happened when we were 23 years old … One person had been treated to an adventurous treasure hunt to find birthday surprises on their 23rd birthday … Another had tried to take a super-cheap holiday to Canberra only to have their car completely die while they were away. The new car that they purchased then, and that they are still making payments on now, made it actually the most expensive holiday they’ve had rather than the cheapest.

Secondly, we were asked, “If you owned a winery, what would you name it, and what kind of label would it be?” We all paused for a moment to give it some thought. What a nice idea to own a winery and call it whatever you choose to …

Northcote Nuff – Cheap wine. Suitable for later in the evening when guests are less discrening.

Fluffy Nothingness – A range of sparkling wines.

Ecclesia – A range of desert wines. According to some, this wine will keep you in denial for approximately 10 years, then burn you, then make you sick and vow to never go near it again. Some do, however, rediscover this wine years later.

Scanu – A full-bodied feminine wine, fruity and light on the tongue (Q: are you sure that’s wine you’re describing?)

Other suggestions were: Fantasia; Sounds Like Grub; Dragon; Trackka’s Creek (named after the nickname of the person); and, my favourite, Angel Smudge.

I think the wine that we had with our dinner was simply Thomas & Thomas, but we still like to dream of having a winery with an interesting name all of our own.


~ by pincushiondiary on March 4, 2004.

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