flowers in the attic?!?

Our new house has an attic. You get into the attic by using the staircase that pulls down out of the ceiling in the lounge/dining room. It is a great place to store stuff – one of the two vacuum cleaners we have; the boxes that have been used to cart our stuff from parts of New South Wales and Western Victoria; gumboots; and, other sundry items that we all seem to need, but that don’t often ever get used.

Last night one of my housemates and I decided that it was time to move the growing pile of stuff (refer to above list once again) from the floor of the lounge room and into the attic.

We began to hoist our stuff up the ladder …
My housemate called down to me, “Have you already put some stuff up here?”
I replied, “No … Why?”
“Because there are a couple of boxes up here already.”
“What’s in them?”
“One has some curtains in it. They’re wrapped in plastic and look like they match the ones in the lounge room. And … there’s a VB box full of empty beer bottles …”
“Hmmm … And the other?”
“Ummm…” (silent pause as box is opened and contents investigated), “dirt!”
“Did you say DIRT?”
“Yep. Dirt.”
I hastily climbed the rest of the way up the ladder and we both stood looking down, incredulously, at the box of dirt in our attic.
“A box of dirt?”
“Yep. Dirt.”

Maybe on the weekend I’ll plant some flowers …

~ by pincushiondiary on February 18, 2004.

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  1. Trish, I’d be checking there’s no return address to Transylvania on that box, and stock up on garlic just in case.

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