one blue balloon and a pink carnation

I was out and about with a large group of friends on Saturday night. Not suprisingly, the first restaurant we tried couldn’t seat 20 unexpected diners on Valentine’s day, but to soften the refusal the young man at the door gave me a pink carnation. I’m not a huge fan of carnations, but I’m also not one to refuse the gift of a flower, however token the gesture is.

Later, at the Pancake Parlour (where they have a party room that seats 20 people unexpectedly) another gift was bestowed upon me, this time by a friend. A week ago this same friend had said “I’ll bring you a flower for Valentine’s Day… Oh, but I’ll probably forget though”. He had, as expected, forgotten the flower, but he made up for it by taking a balloon off the wall of the Pancake Parlour party room and presenting it to me with much grandeur. “Lovely!”

The balloon has now deflated (as he said it would) and the carnation has become rather droopy, but I am happy with my Valentine’s Day bounty. Unexpected treats are better than no treats at all, even if they are simply a blue balloon and a pink carnation!


~ by pincushiondiary on February 16, 2004.

2 Responses to “one blue balloon and a pink carnation”

  1. So tell, tell who was this kind friend?!

  2. He’s a bit of a cutey, really … and has since given me an actual flower, and we seem to have a bit of an on-going joke now.

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