New Home

Walk through the gate, past the cat (painting on a slab of concrete propped against the fence in style of Toulouse-Lautrec), and up the steps.
Don’t bother to ring the doorbell, as it doesn’t work at the moment. Use the knocker on the door or sing loudly to gain our attention.
Enter our home, walk past the doors to the bedrooms and the bathroom, through the kitchen/dining (“what a great kitchen!”) and into the large lounge which overlooks the backyard. In keeping with the responses of other visitors, exclaim, “Wow! You have a pool!”. We’ll reply, “Yep. And it’s heated.”

I love my new house. Wish I wasn’t renting… but this is home for now. Bring on some hot days!

~ by pincushiondiary on February 4, 2004.

3 Responses to “New Home”

  1. Hey Trish!

    This is great. Would love to visit and join the others that have commented on your pool. Lucky you!

  2. I’ll say it again – your house is GREAT!

    You said it bring on some hot days! How’s your air conditioner in your room?

  3. Can’t wait to check it out and very jealous. When’s the pool party?!

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