Your order, dear bookseller, is ready to go.

After a comment by a reader that implied laziness on my part in regard to the frequency of my blog entries (you know who you are), but that also conveyed that I had caused the same person to be a little concerned by the fact that I could not be contacted by the tools of the new millennium (e-mail, blog, mobile phone … even regular phone! You see, I just happened to be out and turned my mobile phone off for once), I have begun another blog entry with an exceptionally long sentence (don’t you pity the people who have the delight of proof-reading things for me?).

Why am I still in the office? … Grrr … and why is the phone still ringing? It is way past hometime.

Today I have practically given myself a hernia, or some other ghastly medical condition, by hoisting and heaving boxes of books around all day so that the friendly (not) and charming (not at all) booksellers will get off my back and stop calling me to ask where their orders are. On the bright side, this means that I can now also, for the time being, stop fibbing to them and stop giving them the answer they want to hear, whilst crossing my fingers and hoping I won’t go straight to hell for telling such whopper lies.

The only vaguely remarkable thing about my day today was the leftovers that I had for lunch – homemade (by me) chicken pad thai – the thought of which still makes my mouth water … Hmmm, what to eat for dinner then? It surely will not compare.


~ by pincushiondiary on January 21, 2004.

6 Responses to “Your order, dear bookseller, is ready to go.”

  1. I thought you were busy working when I finished up yesterday. Clearly that was not the case.

  2. For the record, while it states on my blog that this entry was posted at 4:31pm, it was actually closer to 5:40pm – I in fact had finished all my work, and it was way past hometime.
    Hmmm, must fix the clock …

  3. The clock, like many computer clocks that have not been fiddled with, is on standard time. The rest of us are on summer time. Such is the way of the world.

  4. Daniel – Does that mean you are checking out blogs at 6.58am, strangely early, 7.58am, before you start work and therefore responsibly but suggesting an odd capacity to arrive early, or at 8.58am when you should probably be working?

  5. Erm. Possibly. Yeah. It would have been 8:58am. Which helps explain why I didn’t get to work until almost 10. Hmm.

  6. Daniel – I wouldn’t bother fixing the clock now – daylight savings ends too soon. I do approve whole heartedly of your arrival time

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